King Tilahunga

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Folklore from Gorontalo

ONCE upon a time, there was a kingdom named Bolango. The kingdom'was led by King Tilahunga. He was a wise king. He was very close to his people. They loved their king. They were grateful to have King Tilahunga as their king.

King Titahunga regularly visited his kingdom. He did that to monitor what happened with his people. When he went to meet his people, the king always stayed in their houses. He did not want to be treated differently. He was such a humble king.

One day, the king wanted to monitor his kingdom. He asked his soldiers to prepare well.

"Don't forget to bring enough food. Remember, I don't want to burden people preparing the food for us. We have to bring our own food!" ordered the King.

"Yes, Sir!" replied the soldiers.

"Besides food, bring some items of gardening equipment. Bring mattocks, crowbars, and axes," ordered the king.

He continued, "We will help the farmers."

Then the King and the soldiers started their trip. It was quite a tiring trip since they were having dry season. The king often motivated the soldiers not to feel weak. Indeed the trip was not easy for them.They had to go through jungles and even crossed a river.

It was very hot and when they arrived at a hilly area, they rested for a while. Some soldiers were busy preparing a good place for the king to rest. However the king refused to be treated differently.

"No, I don't want a special place to rest. Let's share a place together," said the king.

The soldiers were so touched to see their humble king. They then named the hill as Tapa Hill. Tapa is taken from the word tapatopo which means temporarily leave the position for a while. When they rested, the king did not want to be treated as a king. So he left his position as a king for a moment.

The king and the soldiers continued their trip. Later it was time for them to rest again. They started to eat the food. However there was one soldier named Denggi who ate too much. Denggi even ate other soldiers' food. Of course that made them angry at Denggi.

The king heard the problem. He advised Denggi not to do it. Denggi finally understood his mistate. He apologized to the king and other soldiers. Since then the place was named as Tuladenggi. Tula means greedy, so Tuladenggi is the greedy Denggi.

They continued their journey. Later they ar rived at Limboto Lake. The view was so beautiful. Trees grew well. The king loved the place instantly. He knew the land was fertile. 

"Soldiers, we will stop here. Set the tents now because we will stay here bit longer. Now, prepare the gardening equipments," ordered the king. 

Some soldiers set the tent and others prepared the equipment. However they were surprised when they saw their equipment were broken. They immediately reported to the king. 

"What? How could that happen?" the king was surprised. 

The soldiers were also surprised. They brought the best equipment when they left the palace. The king ordered the soldiers to fix the broken equipment. He then named the place as Panthungo. It means the handle of gardening tool. 

And that's how those places got their names. ***

Garden tools


Grandma Pakande

Nenek Pakande (Peri yang Jahat) | Edisi Indonesia

Folklore from South Sulawesi

PARENTS in South Sulawesi often tell their children not to play outside the house when the sun is beginning to set. They ask their children to stay at home otherwise an evil fairy named Grandma Pakande will kidnap them! Do you want to know how the legend began? Read on!

The story happened long time ago in Soppeng South Sulawesi. The people lived peacefully and ' harmoniously. They were farmers. They had good lives. Their land was fertile. Life was so perfect there.

It was almost dark. A boy was playing outside his home. His mother told him to go inside the house. "C'mon! It's going to be dark soon. Stop playing outside!"

However he ignored his mother. He did not know that an evil fairy was watching him. The mother again asked him to go inside. But there was no response from him. She called out the boy's name loudly. She went to see other people's house. Sadly, the boy was missing. The mother began to get panicky. She screamed loudly and that attracted people's attention.

"What happened?!" asked them.

"My son was here a minute ago. But now he disappeared. I have looked for him anywhere, but I could not find him!"

People spread out to find the boy. But the boy was still nowhere to be found. On the following day, the tragedy happened again. A mother left her a baby for a while. When she returned, the baby was gone! The mother was extremely sad! People had a meeting how to solve the problem. They were curious how this happened.

"l know who did this!" said an old man.

"An evil fairy just came to our place. She looked like an old woman. Her name was Grandma Pakande!"

"What? Grandma Pakande came to our place?" People were so scared.

They knew who she was. Grandma Pakande was an evil fairy. She liked to kidnap children at night.

The old man continued, "I heard Grandma Pakande is scared of a giant, but we cannot find a giant easily."

"I know how to find a giant!" Suddenly a young man interrupted.

His name was La Beddu. He was known as a clever young man.

"How?" asked someone.

"Well, we don't have to find a giant. We can create a giant. I will trick Graridma Pakande. I will become a giant. Here is my plan. Prepare some foam and a big trumpet. I will use the trumpet to make my voice louder. I want to sound like a giant. And the foam? Well, I want to use it as my saliva," explained La Beddu.

The people then set a trap. They put a baby outside a big house. After a while, Grandma Pakande came. She approached the baby.

Before she grabbed the baby, La Beddu yelled, "Stop! What are you doing?"

"Who are you?" asked Grandma Pakande.

She did not see anyone.

"I am a giant," said La Beddu loudly through the big trumpet.

"A giant? I don't believe you," said Grandma Pakande.

La Beddu then spitted. People then threw the big foam toward Grandma Pakande. She was shocked to see big 'saliva'. She did not know that it was just foam. She ran away.

Since then people lived peacefully. However they still forbade their children to play outside of the house after the sun set. It happens until now. Parents always tell their children that at dusk, Grandma Pakande will kidnap children who are still outside the house. ***

Duck at Dusk


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