Kuna the Liar

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Folktale from Maluku

THERE was a young man named Kuna. He was handsome and very clever. Sadly, he often lied and tricked people. His parents had often advised him to be a good man. Unfortunately, he never listened to them.

It was a hot day. Kuna was hungry. He saw an old woman selling bananas. He wanted to eat the bananas but he did not want to pay for them. So, what did he do? He tricked the old woman.

He said, "My sister is pregnant. She really wants to eat bananas and she asked me to buy some, sadly I don't have enough money."

Kuna was in tears when he was taking to the old woman and that made her feel so sorry.

"Here, take these bananas and give them to your sister. Don't worry you don't have to pay anything," said the old woman.

Kuna accepted the bananas happily. After he was quite far from the old woman, he immediately ate the bananas. He was also laughing.

"Ha ha ha.... She is so stupid," he said.

Later he met some of his friends. They were talking about the princess. She was so beautiful. They heard that the king had asked her to get married. The problem was the princess had not found the right man yet.

"It will be wonderful if I can marry her," said one man.

"Dream on... The king only wants a prince to marry his daughter," said another man.

Kuna heard their conversation. He had a plan.

On the following day, he bought expensive clothes. Later he wore them. When he met his friends, he asked them to hit him badly.

"Why?" they asked.

"Just hit me. Don't worry I won't hit you back," said Kuna,

Though they did not understand, they hit Kuna. After that he walked to the palace. The soldiers helped him.

"What happened?" they asked.

"I'm a prince. I was just robbed," Kuna lied.

The soldiers believed him then they brought him to the king.

He asked, "Who are you?"

"I"m a prince, Your Majesty. I was hunting when the robbers attacked me. My soldiers are dead. I can save my life after I killed them," said Kuna convincingly.

Yes, Kuna was so good at lying and that made the King believed to anything he said!

"Hmm.... Okay, I will let you stay here in my palace until your wound is healed," said the King.

"Thank you, Your Majesty-" said Kuna.

He was happy, part of his plan worked well.

Kuna made good use of his stay in the palace. He often talked to the King and tried to convince him that he was the right man for his daughter. Slowly, the king started to like him. Kuna was so good at talking that finally the king liked him.

The king asked his daughter to marry Kuna. The princess refused her father's request. Secretly, the princess asked one soldier to investigate who Kuna was. The soldier reported to the princess that Kuna was just a villager and he was also known as a liar.

The princess asked the soldier to bring Kuna's friends to the King. The friends then told the King about Kuna and how they hit Kuna.

The king was angry! He would punish Kuna by hanging to death! Kuna was crying, he said that he regretted his bad behavior and asked the king to give him a second chance. Kuna promised to behave well. The king was wise. He forgave Kuna but he would hang Kuna if he ever lied again. Since then, Kuna never lied and became a good man. ***

Festival Gura Ici, North Maluku

The Story of Si Losung Lake and Si Pinggan Lake

Kisah Danau Si Losung Lake and Danau Si Pinggan >> Edisi Indonesia

Folklore from North Sumatra

THERE were two brothers, DatuDalu and Sangmaima. They were orphans. Their parents had died. The father was the master of healing. He had taught his skills in healing to his sons. The kids had learned very well and used the skills to help people.

Before their father died, he had inherited a spear to his sons. However, the tradition said that the oldest son could keep the spear. Therefore, DatuDalu was the one who kept the spear. Sangmaim could use it if DatuDalu allowed him.

Sangmaima loved hunting. He went to his brother's house to ask his permission to use the spear. His brother allowed him.

When he was in the jungle, Sangmaima saw a wild hog. He walked carefully and aimed the hog. He threw it very fast! The spear hit the hog! Sangmaima thought the hog died. He was wrong. The hog ran very fast. Unfortunately, the spear was still attached to its body.

Sangmaima was very panicky. He worried about the spear. The wild hog was bleeding, so he followed the blood trail and it led to a cave. He carefully went in side the cave. He saw an old woman and a girl. The girl was screaming in pain.

The girl saw Sangmaima coming.

She said, "Mother... That's the man who threw the spear at me."

Sangmaima was complete shocked.

He said, "No, I was throwing my spear at a wild hog not at you!"

The old woman said, "The wild hog was my daughter We are genies of the, jungle. We can change ourselves into anything. I'm sure you are looking for this spear. I will give it back to you but you have to heal my daughter said the old woman.

Sangmaima accepted the old woman's offer. He healed girl and after she was cured the old woman gave him the spear. Sangmaima immediately went back home.

DatuDalu was happy when his brother returned the spear safely. He had worried something bad had happened. To express his happiness, he held a great party. He invited lot of people, however he did not invite Sangmaima and that made him upset.

Sangmaima was also holding a party to balance his brother's party. There was a special performance. A girl was decorating her body like a bird. She danced beautifully.

People were amazed. More and more people came. The guests at DatuDalu's party heard that there was a great dance at Sangmaima's party. One by one, they went to Sangmaima's party,

DatuDalu saw the girl with bird's costume. He was impressed with her. He talked to Sangmaima.

"May I ask her to dance in my party tomorrow?"

Sangmaina said yes. On the following day, Sangmaima secretly went to DatuDalu's house. He asked the girl to leave DatuDalu's house. Later he asked his brother.

"Where is the girl?"

DatuDalu said, "She is still decorating herself."

"Where? I don't see her in this house," said Sangmaima.

DatuDalu did not believe what his brother said so he called for the girt. Well, it was useless. Sangmaima had asked her to leave.

Sangmaima was pretending to be angry. "Where is the girl? If you don't know where she is, you have to give me the spear!"

DatuDalu rejected his brother's idea. They were arguing and sadly they were fighting. DatuDalu threw a mortar for pounding rice toward Sangmaima. he missed it.

The mortar landed in a field and strangely it became a lake. People then named the lake as Si Losung Lake. Losung is from the word lesung or mortar.

Sangmaima also threw a plate toward DatuDalu. He missed it! The plate landed in a field and it became a lake. People then named it as Si Pinggan Lake. Pinggan means a plate. ***

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