The Tiger and Durian

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Folklore from Jambi

The Legend of the Tiger Eating Durian

SOME people believe that besides eating meat, tigers also like eating durians. Well, how could this happen? Do you want to know the story behind this? Read on!

It happened a very long time ago. There was a village named Kemingking in Jambi. The land in Kemingking was fertile. All kinds of trees grew very well. People could find all kinds of fruits there. However, there was one favorite fruit that lots of people like. It was durian.

The durians that grew in Kemingking village were very famous. It was so delicious. Many people from other places came to Kemingking to buy the durians. And during harvest time, Kemingking was full of people from other places. To avoid their durians being stolen, the villagers often stayed in the fields days and nights. When the durians were ripe, they would fall from the trees. The durians which fell out by themselves were very delicious.

Sadly, the villagers' happiness was disturbed. There was a big tiger coming to the village. The tiger was so hungry. It often attacked the villagers' cattle and ate them. And when the tiger could not find any cattle, it attacked the villagers!

The villagers were restless! They reported their problem to the king.

"Your Majesty, we have a big problem in our village. A tiger came and attacked our cattle. It also attacked us,Your Majesty," said one villager to the king.

"Don't worry. I will send you my best soldier to your village. Now go home with my best soldier," said the king.

It was not difficult for the soldier to find the tiger. He immediately attacked the tiger. And the tiger fought back. The soldier used his sword. Unfortunately, the sword was broken when the soldier tried to smash the tiger's body.

Later the soldier used his spear. The tiger was so big and it had great power. And again, the spear was broken. The soldier did not have any other weapons! He ran away!

The tiger chase the soldier. And the soldier ran as fast as he could. Finally, the soldier arrived in the durian field. The field was full of fall-out durians. And when the soldier saw the durians, he had an idea.

"Aha!" he said.

"I will use the durians as my weapons. There are so many durians here, so I don't have to worry I will run out of durians," said the soldier to himself.

The soldier immediately collected the durians. And when the tiger approached him, he threw the
tiger with the durians. The soldier threw repeatedly and the tiger could not save himself anymore. It was bleeding badly. Suddenly, the tiger talked.

"Enough... I give up. Please don't kill me," begged the tiger.

"OK, I will not kill you. But you have to promise that you won't disturb us again," asked the soldier.

"And you have to guard the durian fields at night. When you are hungry, you can eat the durians," said the soldier.

"Alright, I promise," said the tiger.

Since then the villagers in Kemingking did not have to stay at nights to guard their durians fields.   They were not worried because the tiger would guard their fields from the thieves. And until now, people believe that tigers like to eat durians. ***


Durian Crepe with custard filling

The Wekaburi Lake

Danau Wekaburi | Edisi Indonesia

Folklore from Papua

A long time ago, there was a village in Papua named Wekaburi. The people regularly held a party. Everyone was invited. They could come and have a good time. They could eat, drink and dance. However, there was one rule. The villagers were not allowed to dance with a dog, though most of them kept dogs as their pets and they really loved their dogs. They believed that dancing with a dog would make rain fall down heavily. It would flood their place.

The head of the village had just told the villagers that they would hold the party. He asked everybody to get prepared. He asked some people to prepare the place. How about the food? Well, no need to worry. All villagers willingly brought the food and the beverages to the party. Everybody was happy, including Isosi.

Isosi was a beautiful girl. She lived alone with her grandmother. Isosi was an orphan. Her parents had died when she was a baby. Isosi had a boyfriend. His name was Asya. Isosi wanted to go to the party.

"Grandma, have you heard that the head of the village just announced the upcoming party?", asked Isosi.

"I have. Why? Do you want to go there?"

"I do, but Asya cannot accompany me there. He has something to do. Will you go with me, Grandma?"

"All right, but I will bring our dog. I want the dog to protect us. Remember, the party usually ends at midnight " said the grandmother.

She really loved their dog.

"That's a good idea, Grandma," said Isosi happily.

They all went to the party, Isosi, her grandmother and also their dog. When they arrived, the party already started. They immediately joined the party. They ate delicious food. They also danced.

The dog was just watching. The grandmother asked the dog to stay a bit far from the party. The dog obeved.

Sadly, something bad happened. There was a villager who danced wildly. It seemed that he could not control himself. He accidentally stepped on the dog's tail. It made the dog scream in pain.

Isosi's grandmother was extremely angry when she knew that her beloved dog was in great pain.

The grandmother asked the man to apologize, but he refused it. Instead he blamed the dog for being around in the party. The grandmother told that the dog was already far from the party. It was the man's fault to dance uncontrollably, that's what the grandmother argued.

Because the man refused to apologize, the grandmother then did something that was forbidden. She danced with the dog! Yes, the grandmother wanted to console the dog by dancing with the dog.

Nobody knew that the grandmother just broke their tradition not to dance with their dog. All the villagers kept on having the good time.

After the grandmother finished dancing, she asked Isosi to leave the village. While they left, Asya, Isosi's boyfriend, met them. Isosi asked him to leave the village. They all went to the hill.

Later rain fell down heavily. It did not stop for weeks and slowly the village was flooded. It was so terrible that the whole village was turned into a lake. Isosi and Asya later got married. They then had children. Their descendants then lived near the lake. They named the lake as Wekaburi Lake. ***

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